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A Letter of Introduction

The idea of an underground, independent, dare we say "trendy" newsletter for this kingdom has been kicked around for a long time. About 1 week, actually. What this kingdom needs, we thought, is a gutsy, "tell it like it is" publication. One that's not afraid of the "pointy hats". A publication that's fresh, different, even tragically hip. A new point of view. Yeah! Kind of a Daily Planet meets the Norse Chronicles kind of a thing, with the X Files and some Shakespeare thrown in. Kind of a subtle, 100 percent historically acurate, but still funny, kind of a thing. Something Genghis Khan would have enjoyed reading while he was sitting on the can. A clever, yet sophisticated newsletter that is still perky and even chipper after a long, hard day. One that doesn't have a mascot or motto, or put words and phrases in "quotes". So here, we present the inaugural edition of The Quarter. We hope you enjoy it.

The staff of The Quarter

Our Mascot

The Quarter - You either get it or you don't!