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The Quarter's Multimedia Archives

Sometimes, we just have ideas that won't work on the printed page. Until recently, we didn't let that stop us from trying - but now we've found some suckers kind souls willing to transform our wacky ideas into computer animation and other interactive silliness. So far, our "archive" is fairly sparse, but they're working hard on some more nifty stuff!

The Quarter's "tribute" to those Apple Computer advertisements.
Captain Teutonic Theme Song
A Flash animation of Trimaris' Byronic superhero -- see and hear the theme song for the Saturday Morning Cartoon That Never Was!
Trimarian Court Bingo
Hate having to sit through long, boring Court every event? Trimarian Court Bingo can make it fun again! Just mark down the things you see happening, and shout "Bingo!" when you get five in a row! (Of course, this does mean that you actually have to pay attention.) Reload the page for a different Bingo card.
What's Your Viking Name?
Does your hand give out after signing your long Spanish name? Do your friends make fun of you because you just spelled your mundane name differently? Just looking for an alternate persona name? Well then, take this simple quiz and learn your True Viking Name!
The classic penny-arcade game gets a Trimarian twist. Are you one of Trimaris' fastest? Try your luck and see!
One Night at the Bardic Circle
The Quarter's twisted animators reinterpret a classic staple of SCA bardic lore
Puzzling Evidence
Undoctored photographs which seem to prove that some people actually read The Quarter, at least when there's absolutely nothing else to do.

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