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Mistress Abigaille?

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Advice from a real Peer -

so it must be good!

Dear Mistress Abigaille,

I am the patroness of a new tournament company. The group is doing a lot of great things, hosting lysts, that sort of thing, and I support them fully. They are such a great group! The only problem is their colors - the bright shades they have chosen look terrible on me! How can I support them and still look good?

-Fashion Conscious

Dear Fashion Conscious,

Wear white and tell them that as their patroness you must wear white as a symbol of the pure influence you hope to be. Unfortunately, white gets dirty easily and it's so hard to stay pure in the SCA. Alternatively, you could wear muted tones of their colors and tell them your washing machine faded the colors. Or, take them fabric shopping and steer them toward the subtle shades you prefer. A woman can wield much influence when it comes to fashion.

Dear Mistress Abigaille,

What is in this world but grief and woe? Woe above woe! Grief more than common grief! O that my death would stay these ruthful deeds! O pity, pity, gentle heaven, pity!

- William S.

Dear Will,

You Elizabethan personas really need to lighten up! What's the matter, is your codpiece too tight? Change to a Viking persona; I've never seen a sad Norseman. Must be all that plundering and looting!

Confidential to "Weeping Willow":

Don't mistake polite conversation for actually liking you. Until you learn how to say "I'm sorry", then I'm afraid they'll continue to dislike (or even despise) you.

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The Quarter - Be afraid. Be very afraid.