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A Message from Pope Leo X

Okay, so maybe selling indulgences wasn't a very popular idea. But the Church still needs money, because I went a little crazy with the spending when I was elevated to the papacy, so what are you gonna do?

Run on down to your local cathedral gift shop, where you can pick up these fine items, and more! From Vatican snow globes to Pope Soap on a Rope, we've got everything you never knew you wanted!

Perfect for stigmata!
Doubting Thomas® Brand
adhesive bandages!
Regular or foot-scented?
Mary Magdalene
Massage Oil!
What Would Jesus Drink?
Water Into Wine:
An introduction to vintning
for the pure of faith!
Also available in Lamb skin
Immaculate Contraception®
Lubricated Condoms!

The Quarter - We're going to Hell for this one!