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The Quarter, In a Genuine Attempt to Educate the Populace and Not At All Intending to Start a Wacky SCA Fashion Trend, Brings You...

A Renaissance Art Pop Quiz!

So much for her depth perception...

This is a picture of:

  1. An contestant in the "Miss Pirate Guild Beauty Pageant"
  2. Lady Sky O'Mulligatawny, whose persona is that of an Irish Renaissance Nun who traveled to Turkey in an attempt to convert the Sultan only to wind up in his harem, and then managed to escape while on an elephant hunting expedition and then she became a German courtesan...
  3. Your sister
  4. Ana de Mendoza de la Cerda, (1540-92) the Princess of Éboli, a Spanish noblewoman

To find out if you've guessed correctly, hover your mouse pointer over your selection. If your browser doesn't pop up a little window telling you whether you were right or wrong, then you'll just have to keep wondering.

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