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What the heck is "The Quarter"?

The Quarter is the (un)official publication of the Barony of the Southern Wastes (Incipient). The Quarter is the only means members of the Southern Wastes, which is located in the southernmost territories of Trimaris (Antarctica), have to communicate with the rest of the populace of Trimaris, and other members of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

How long has The Quarter been in operation?

The Quarter first appeared at Martinmas Moot Crown Lyst, a.s. xxxiii. We can't count back that far in "Gregorian" years.

Who writes for The Quarter?

The Quarter's editor is Lady Kathryne d'Inkepenne. Our resident advice columnist is Mistress Abigaille. The Quarter's Web Minister is Johannes Habernacher. Other staff writers are too shy, claiming the fame (or infamy) of being known as a member of The Quarter staff would put a drain on their artistic talents (yeah, right!).

Where can I get a copy of The Quarter?

The Quarter is distributed at the four major kingdom events - the two Coronations and the two Crown Lysts. Ususally you can pick up a copy in the air conditioned dining hall (look near the ice machines or in the bathrooms). Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, you can now find an electronic copy here.

Who is Drusilla?

Drusilla is our mascot, the plucky young lady who appears in our logo next to the heraldic display of a quartered shield. From time to time, accounts of her activities appear on the pages of The Quarter.

Why do you make fun of heralds so often?

Heralds are to The Quarter what politicians are to Letterman and Leno.

Is this part of the Society for Creative Anarchism?

Yes, we enjoy coming up with new ways to deploy explosives. We are also members of the Society for Creative Acronyms.

Why does your site look strange in my browser?

Our Web site is designed for browsers which recognize CSS-2 style sheets (basically any browser made after 1998). We recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later, Opera version 5.12 or later, or Netscape 6.0 or later.

What are the words to the Captain Teutonic Theme Song?

There's a Hochmeister who's really sardonic!
He doesn't use magic and he isn't psionic!
He's pretty darn strong but he isn't bionic!
Captain Teutonic! Captain Teutonic!

He's the head of an order that's kind of Masonic!
Sometimes he's sarcastic, other times he's ironic!
Silent and brooding, he's a hero Byronic!
Captain Teutonic! Captain Teutonic!

I've read this FAQ page, and I still have no idea what this site is about. It's like you're speaking an entirely different language!

We're a local newsletter for a branch of the SCA. Once upon a time, Lady Kathryne (our Editor) was the Chronicler for the Barony of the Southern Wastes (Incipient), but (like Chroniclers throughout the Knowne World) she couldn't get the Officers and populace to submit articles and reports to the newsletter.

So she made stuff up.

But rather than shaming the group into submitting articles, it entertained them, and they demanded more. And then someone brought a copy back to mainland Trimaris, and people there wanted to see The Quarter. So, four times a year, we send a bunch of copies to some people who are willing to distribute them to the populace of Trimaris. But then someone from Trimaris brought a copy to Pennsic. And people throughout the Knowne World wanted to know where they could get their hands on it. So (since copying and shipping from Antarctica costs money) we put each new issue up on this site for the Knowne World to enjoy.

As to being in a different language, the SCA (like many subcultures) has a habit of replacing perfectly good words with silly jargon. Being interested in authentic history, we drive dragons to events, rather than cars. Our food is prepared by a feastocrat rather than by a cook. Parents bring their smalls to events, instead of children. And self-important people seek wordfame instead of renown. It takes a while, but soon after joining the SCA, you'll be speaking forsoothly in no time!

Um... okay... So what's the SCA?

The Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a group that "re-creates the Middle Ages as they should have been", which means that our portrayal of history is devoid of all the important sociopolitical factors which defined the character of the Middle Ages (such as religion, serfdom, disease, hereditary titles, religion, poverty, an accurate feudal hierarchy, and religion).

Our governing documents make it plain that we're an educational organization with an emphasis on authentic history, so if you want to learn how Venetian Ladies of the Renaissance conversed in modern English with fourth-century Viking marauders and Normans who fought at the Battle of Hastings, then pull on a pair of tights and a pirate shirt, and come join the SCA!

The Quarter - We kid because we love.