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Other Web sites we think are cool, weird, or just plain essential.

(And not one single link to a "You Know You're In The SCA When..." list!)

The Barony of the Southern Wastes (Incipient)
Meet some of the people responsible for The Quarter, and the people they hang out with in the SCA!

The Historic Tale Construction Kit
Create your own version of the Bayeux Tapestry, without having to learn how to embroider!
They seem to like us, for some unknown reason. At least, they keep linking to us, so now we'll return the favor.

Silverwing's Laws
Despite the geeky name from AS 5 which would send today's Heralds into paroxysms of apoplexy, this page is a compendium of useful laws, theorems and observations about our beloved Society.

Legio Draconis
Another group that links to our articles. We think they might be a secret society within the SCA, like the Freemasons or the Templars, except with Roman symbolism.

The Onion on the SCA
Hey, we apparently seized control of Russia! Cool! (Does that make us the SCCCA? [Just ignore that joke if you were born after 1991.])

Something Completely Embarrassing
One man's experiences with the SCA. Don't miss Part Two of his story, The Saga of Cloak-Boy! Warning: people unable to recognize and/or handle sarcasm and/or hyperbole may become offended. (So if you're one of these people, please follow the links!)

Why is the SCA our Natural Enemy?
From the Web site of The Routiers, an Australian historical re-enactment group whose standards are slightly more stringent than the SCA's. People who object to mockery should click here instead. Special note for lovers of Rembrandt's "Anatomical Lesson": don't miss the wonderful picture on their entry page.

The SCAtanic Verses
"Since the Society for Creative Anachronism is an organisation dedicated to the re-creation of the Middle Ages, the Authors reasoned that it ought to be possible to reconstruct what actually happened in the Middle Ages by observing the SCA."

The Knightly Knotebook
Lessons on How To Be Knightly, by "Sir Knightly" (Viscount Galen of Bristol)

Screwtape's SCA Letters
A "literary filk" upon C.S. Lewis' classic work, also by Galen of Bristol.

Peer Owner's Manual
Complete information on raising and caring for your Peer, no matter what breed. By Wayward and Burned-Out, with the assistance of Lord Shallowear

Ant City
Learn about optics by looking down on a bustling city through a giant magnifying glass. But whatever you do, be careful not to focus the sun's rays on anyone! That would be sick and twisted!

The Weekly World News
The Best of The Best. Everything we know about journalism, we learned from them!

The Songbook of Joe Bethancourt
SCA (and Sci-Fi) Filksongs by Ioseph of Locksley. Be sure not to miss The Heralds Said to Me!

House Red Herring
Don't worry, we don't get a lot of their private jokes, either.

Ex Tempore
Essays on History, Life and the SCA by Cynric of Bedwyn, who claims to be R.G. Ferrell in real life (though we personally suspect he's really Dave Barry).

More links to come, once we get off our lazy butts and copy them out of our Bookmarks file.

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