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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)

Fashion is believed by some to be merely transitory and short-lived, even trivial, in the whole big scheme of things. However, why not concentrate on the real seriousness of what fashion means? Deep, personal concerns about the details of one's own clothes may, to some, indicate snottiness and shallowness. But when you consider the obvious power of fashion and dress over time and place, is it not the well dressed that get noticed? To borrow a line from author Anne Hollander, "Clothes make not the man but the image of man."

The Heraldic Tourneys of Trimaris: Passing Fancy or Here to Stay?

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I really love attending St. George's Faire. This event, for me, embraces all the things the SCA should be all the time. Chivalry on the field, ladies dressed to the nines, heraldry everywhere, an entertaining list of good-looking fighters, and the fabulous recognition given to chivalric fighters all day long! Pas d'armes are becoming quite the thing here in Trimaris. I love watching my good husband fight, but these tournaments also offer the fighter a chance to show prowess as well chivalry. And speaking of honorable things, did you catch Baron Damien von Blauwald on the field? Not only did he look good in his fabulously blue and black heraldic outfit, he received a chivalric accolade that evening at feast. I am sure that everyone could not help but notice Countess Rosabel's tent. It is straight off of the Burgundian tapestries of the Lady and the Unicorn. Did you see inside the tent with all the period furniture in there? Her talented husband, that triple peer guy, made it all. Duke Llywelyn ap Cadwaladr had a beautiful crest. It was the red dog head from his coat of arms nicely done for the top of his helmet. Lord Crispin and Lady Iseult were decked out in beautifully heraldic cotehardies, and they made those matching pavilions as well. And while were on the subject of heraldry, Lord Celwin Barenjager and his Byzantine-styled heraldic fabric surcoat were awesome! Even his horse looked good. Lord Conradin Starkeswindt looked very handsome that night in one of his 13th century tunics. I hear he knows a talented seamstress. (I also hear she has a mean left!) The King was also into some serious fashion accessories in court that evening. It was especially created for the bad boys of this kingdom — the log. And although it is a mighty fashion statement, it really doesn't go well with anything.

I am sorry to be quite short, but good fashion is hard to find. Nevertheless, I'll be out there searching for more fashion news in the events to come. I heard Summer Art/Sci is going to be a blast so maybe I'll see you there!

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