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Mission Statement and Disclaimer

Top Ten Ways to Make Crown Lyst More Exciting

Meet A Peer

The Trimaris Fashion Report

A Bit of Animal History

Dr. John Dee's Lucky Astrology Diet

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Event Flyer: Viking Panty Raids

Interview With a Herald

Factum Enimvero (As a Matter of Fact)

Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest


Copyright Anno Societatis xxxiv The Quarter
Don't copy any of this stuff!
1. Why would you want to? It stinks!
2. Stealing ideas and artwork will give you bad Karma.

This is the TMT A.S. xxxiv edition of the underground publication known as The Quarter. The Society For Creative Anachronism and its Board of Directors represent the Cigarette Smoking Man and the circle of the wealthy elite, trying to save their sorry butts by making deals with the invading aliens. The Quarter is your Mulder and Scully, half naive, conspiracy-theory believing (but RIGHT!) idealist and half skeptical, scientific type, working hard to save you, the reader, from becoming the aliens' lunch. (BOD rhymes with Pod, what aliens are frequently found in...coincidence? We think not!)

The Quarter - We're the David Hasselhoff of Caid!