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Mistress Abigaille?

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Advice from a real Peer -
so it must be good!

Dear Mistress Abigaille,

How do I get my friends to call me by my SCA name at events?

— Lady Evita Fairiesbottome

Dear Lady Evita,

It's embarrassing enough to have to come to events in costume for most people. When you add the ridiculous rule about an "SCA name" in there, it gets to be too much for most folks, who just come here to have a good time, and to soak up the historically-based feel of everything. Here's some suggestions to get your friends re-educated to your SCA name:

1. Tattoo your SCA name on your forehead, or some other body part that is frequently seen at events. Not brave enough for that? Try a post-it note or one of those "Hello MY Name is" stickers.

2. Politely remind your friends that you are Evita Fairiesbottom whenever you are addressed by your mundane name. This approach may take too long as it is a reasonable one.

3. Do you address your friends by their SCA names? Well, DON'T! In fact, make it a point to learn everybody's mundane name and use that instead. (By the way, however did you come up with a name like that? It's not AS iii anymore, you know. Fairies and elves are getting pretty trite these days.)


To "Been There, Done Them": Changing your clothes won't erase people's memories. IF you want respect, it has to be earned.

To "Confused in Court": Yes, the Morning Star usually is given before the armigerous Silver Shield. Lumping them together is a new practice. Rank has its priveleges, you know.

To "Wannabe Pelican": No one is paying any attention to you.

The Quarter - We kid because we love.