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From The Quarter Staff

We at The Quarter would like to use this space to address some issues that face us all.

1. Kudos to the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal for changing the schedule for Crown Tournaments and Coronations. This is something we have been lobbying for. Now our publication schedule will be much smoother. Before the change, deadlines for our staff went something like this:

It's not a purse!  It's European!

So you can see why all of us on the staff welcome the calendar change. Thanks, big guys, for looking out for your favorite publication.

2. We would like to address the following to the Kingdom Chronicler.

Dear Lady Desirata Wendaway,

We at The Quarter have read with interest your call for local newsletters to be entered in the SCA's annual Blackfox Awards contest. May we remind you that we serve as the unofficial publication of the Barony of the Southern Wastes? These poor people, who can't even attend events due to the great distance between Camp La-No-Che and Antarctica, are grateful for the crumbs of information about goings-on in the Kingdom that we provide. We humbly ask that you nominate us; we promise not to embarrass the kingdom. (We promise to TRY to not embarrass the kingdom, anyway.)

The Quarter - Entertaining Bored SCAdians since AS xxxiii