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Think you got what it takes...?

From The Quarter Staff

The Trimaris Fashion Report

Legends of the SCA

Other Famous People in the SCA!

The Quarter's Guide to Entertaining Yourself While Waiting For Court to Start

Quote du Jour

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Poetry Corner: A Sonnet

Top Ten Things Henry VIII Would Say If He Were Around Today

Local News Update: Apprentice Loses Sleep...

Bog Bodies: Faces From The Past

Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!


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Think you got what it takes to be a reporter for The Quarter?

While normally we pride ourselves on being a one-way conduit of information for the SCA, from time to time we get "good stuff" from the populace. To make it easier for you to send us ideas and articles, (and to make it easier for us to ignore you), we've set up an e-mail address:

So, sharpen your quill pens and get writing! We are always looking for good quotes easily taken out of context. Try to keep it clean, we have to keep this an "all ages" publication. Remember, we don't pay our contributors - we're way too cheap for that! No complaints please- the volume will choke up our mail server.

The Quarter's All Purpose CYA Disclaimer Statement

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Drusilla sez: The crabs come in on the Captain's dinghy!