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Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!


Some Naughty Peers (mostly Laurels) and other loyal readers of The Quarter sent in Pelican-
Related Kaptions, all too good to be passed up:

"Shhh...Be vewy qwiet...I'm hunting Pewicans." -- Master Geoffrey Maynard of York

"Tonight on FOX: When Pelicans Attack!" -- Maister Godfrey de Shipbrook

"Anselm began to think that the Pelican meeting had gotten out of hand" -- Grania ni Fhearghuis, OL

"There's got to be an easier way to get a Pelican...." -- Jessa d'Avondale (O.P.)

Non-Pelican Related Captions, but still funny:

"Sadly, Albert's 'Albatross on a stick' business never really caught on." -- Brom Clancy

"This should reduce the price of feast. We'll call it chicken." -- Mistress Genevieve

The submission and voting period are over
Here are the submissions our readers sent in, sorted by votes received:


Kaptions Submitted by Our Readers:

Squire, that is NOT what I meant by "Getting Wood"!
(Submitted by A nonny mouse) [10 votes]

Contrary to popular belief, it was not an apple that fell on Sir Isacc's head..
(Submitted by Matthew of the Six Eyes) [8 votes]

Sadly for Bill Clinton and his new intern, Al Gore showed up unannounced at the Arbor Day celebration for a tree-hugging
(Submitted by Madame Morningstar) [5 votes]

Hey, A bird AND a bush...Outstanding!
(Submitted by Philip de Sallet) [5 votes]

What ? you think I git this pellican by siting on my Laurels !
(Submitted by Mistress Piasa DragonSaver, O.P.) [4 votes]

Really love your peaches, want to shake your tree....
(Submitted by Katarina Peregrine, visitor from the Midrealm (Marche of Gwyntarian, Akron, OH)) [3 votes]

feeling thier love-nest quiver he thought she'd final arrived but alas a voice from below was heard to say " I really got to have some of THOSE peaches!"
(Submitted by Not telling you cos its sad I've even submitted this) [3 votes]

A sign that Pennsic is too crowded!
(Submitted by Lady Albta Vaclava) [2 votes]

They've got each other, but all I've got is this tree...hmmm...hey, a knothole!
(Submitted by A. Nonimus) [2 votes]

"Thats funny, m'lady, I thought I just heard Duke Baldar... M'lady? Where did she go?"
(Submitted by Lord Lou) [1 votes]

My-my, our local Adonis awaits the husband to leave again!
(Submitted by Lady Guda Hedda) [1 votes]

So, um, you said last night at the dance that you'd talk to me later, and I was just thinking that it's later now, and y
(Submitted by Grania ni Fhearghuis, OL) [1 votes]

Okay, we've had this conversation about appropriate behavior in the public areas before, haven't we?
(Submitted by Umavati) [1 votes]

Alas, my love, thou quiverest at my touch tonight... oh wait, there are LOVEBIRDS UP THEE!!!
(Submitted by Wilhelm von Düsseldorf) [1 votes]

There is nothing like a Dame...
(Submitted by Finnabhair) [0 votes]

love tree i wonder what will happen if i shake it
(Submitted by daniel of silverwaters) [0 votes]

Hee Hee! I can't wait until they're ripe!! And they're all mine!
(Submitted by Daniel of Leaford) [0 votes]

For Kings Sake.... Go Rent a room
(Submitted by Navah Shala) [0 votes]

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