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Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!

(Rustle rustle)

The people have spoken! Here are the results of our on-line voting:
  1. Squire, that is NOT what I meant by "Getting Wood"!
    — Submitted by A nony mouse
  2. Contrary to popular belief, it was not an apple that fell on Sir Isaac's head...
    — Submitted by Matthew of the Six Eyes
  3. (tie) Sadly for Bill Clinton and his new intern, Al Gore showed up unannounced at the Arbor Day celebration for a tree-hugging.
    — Submitted by Madame Morningstar
    Hey, A bird AND a bush...Outstanding!
    — Submitted by Philip de Sallet
The entire list of entries, as well as the voting results, may be seen at last month's issue.

The submission and voting period are over
Here are the submissions our readers sent in, sorted by votes received:


Kaptions Submitted by Our Readers:

Look how nice the laurels are to that newbie in polyester!
(Submitted by Lady Albta Vaclava) [7 votes]

Acknowledge the blow Dammit!
(Submitted by A random Atlantian) [6 votes]

The dubious period origins of "Whack-a-Peer"
(Submitted by Lady Alheydis von Koerckhingen) [5 votes]

"There was me (that is, Alice), and my three droogs (that is, Pete, Gordic and Dim) as we stepped outside the Korova Alehouse for a bit of the old ultra-violence." -- A Blackwork Orange
(Submitted by A.B.) [5 votes]

"The BoD meeting went better than I thought it would!"
(Submitted by Gueneviere of the Dancing Waters) [4 votes]

"And then you go double left, double right around me and ... and ... Henri? ... Henri!!!"
(Submitted by Crispin Sexi) [2 votes]

Yet another art/sci entrant geting picked apart after bringing too little documentation.
(Submitted by Don T. Ask) [2 votes]

shenannigans! shenannigans!
(Submitted by Fiona) [1 votes]

Melee? I thought you said Minstrals!
(Submitted by Mór ingen Cathail) [1 votes]

"Did anyone ELSE have business before the court of their Majesties?"
(Submitted by Sir Wulfhere) [1 votes]

Observe primitive surgery: Note how the surgeons "discuss" the first incision while the nurse dances to propitiate the gods.
(Submitted by Our Lady of theTwisted Treat) [1 votes]

"EEK a bug!" "Hold still Sir Didamus, we'll get i--- oops..."
(Submitted by Hildegard of Purging) [1 votes]

Despite initial reluctance, the cooks guild's new recipe was a complete success
(Submitted by Lord Ferris) [1 votes]

Mistress Rowena de Manning's sword dance goes horribly awry...
(Submitted by Briana Kassia, Echbel Mhor) [1 votes]

Once again the Maltese Brawl turns ugly!!
(Submitted by Two Left Feet) [1 votes]

So, how did you enjoy your first time in armour?
(Submitted by Takahatsu Yamamoto) [1 votes]

...and that's why Morris Dancers decided to use wooden sticks instead.
(Submitted by Rhys Wilkerson) [1 votes]

Fine, don't hold my hand when we walk!
(Submitted by Bea) [0 votes]

Willhiem of Gates never was terribly poular after the launch of his latest inventions... the 'window'
(Submitted by Fore Hoof) [0 votes]

YESSSS! Much cheaper than a divorce...
(Submitted by A happily married couple) [0 votes]

"I SAID just a little off the top!
(Submitted by Neuron Van Buran) [0 votes]

Coming Gulf Wars XII: Full Contact Surgery!
(Submitted by O B Hayve) [0 votes]

The few the strong the Marines, your with us or against us
(Submitted by Tulip Thistleknot) [0 votes]

"And Mistress Elizabeth realized that, once again, she'd forgotten her sword. Another day of fun ruined...
(Submitted by boaz the tall) [0 votes]

Realizing her huntsmen's mistake too late, Lady Katherine cursed the day she chose to cheat on her husband with his twin brother.
(Submitted by Mynx the Mild) [0 votes]

Oh God! I knew I shouldn't have hired a Mongol Tutor!
(Submitted by Little Bear) [0 votes]

The grim consequences of suggesting that belly dancing was OOP.
(Submitted by Eridani Aurus) [0 votes]

Prune the shrubbery, not the knave
(Submitted by Leticia Troischesnes) [0 votes]

Early version of the Hokey-Pokey. " You put your sword in, you pull your sword out...."
(Submitted by A Calontiri) [0 votes]

The origins of the autopsy.
(Submitted by Lady Temair of Stonemarche) [0 votes]

You said you handmade those shoes! Those shoes were bought from Wal-Mart!
(Submitted by The apprentice formerly known as Tess) [0 votes]

"Let's show 'im how we welcome tax collectors!"
(Submitted by Ld Simon Maurus of the Argent Quill) [0 votes]

Please don't call the surgeon, I am feeling MUCH better!
(Submitted by Baroness AmberLea Fairchild - Ansteorra) [0 votes]

But I parried then thrust
(Submitted by Yolanda de Guelph, Barony of Lions Gate, An Tir) [0 votes]

Beheading 101...the bottom of the class fails exams miserably.
(Submitted by Helene de Navarre, Shittimwoode, An Tir) [0 votes]

The original HMO
(Submitted by Sir Omarad the Wary) [0 votes]

'You put your blade back out and you swing it all abo...darn Margarethe, you killed him!"
(Submitted by Lady Olivia Rodrigues of Raven's Fort, ANSTEORRA!) [0 votes]

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