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Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!

(Hack slash maim)

The people have spoken! Here are the results of our on-line voting:
  1. Look how nice the laurels are to that newbie in polyester!
    — Submitted by Lady Albta Vaclava
  2. Acknowledge the blow Dammit!
    — Submitted by A random Atlantian
  3. "There was me (that is, Alice), and my three droogs (that is, Pete, Gordic and Dim) as we stepped outside the Korova Alehouse for a bit of the old ultra-violence." -- A Blackwork Orange
    — Submitted by A.B.
The entire list of entries, as well as the voting results, may be seen at last month's issue.

The submission and voting period are over
Here are the submissions our readers sent in, sorted by votes received:


Kaptions Submitted by Our Readers:

The Laurels never did quite get the whole concept of dog-ball.
(Submitted by Lady George) [6 votes]

Despite his team's best efforts, Harvey's claim that "we could beat you with our hands tied to each other's knees" ultimately proved unfounded.
(Submitted by Rhys Wilkerson) [5 votes]

Welcome back to our coverage of the Known World Cup
(Submitted by Randwulf aet Blacwulveslea) [5 votes]

Unbeknownst to the fops playing volleyball, a pick-up game of Viking football was about to crash down the field.
(Submitted by a transplant from elsewhere) [4 votes]

The real reason for the 1600 cut-off: Nobody wants to reenact the terrifying aftermath of the Death Star's appearance over western Europe in 1601.
(Submitted by Another random Atlantian) [4 votes]

There's the tip-off -- and Sir Walter Raleigh dribbles the ball upcourt!
(Submitted by J d'A) [3 votes]

See, simple villagers? A solar eclipse! Now make me your King! Or at least a Baron.
(Submitted by Hector of the Black Height) [2 votes]

Look, another siege engine missile, catch it!
(Submitted by Lord Pelham Argentshield) [2 votes]

After a knight demonstrats a legal blow to his squire, the populace enjoys a game of "catch-a-helm".
(Submitted by Michelino di Martini, An Tir) [2 votes]

There being only one clove left in the orange, the young Lady decided to let fate decide whom would recieve it.
(Submitted by An Atenveldter) [2 votes]

"Wow! This is the tamest Asgard party I've ever seen!"
(Submitted by Lady Ivana Tinkle) [2 votes]

Gimiie the bal or ill kill your head off!
(Submitted by Indeed) [1 votes]

(Submitted by Blue Monkey) [1 votes]

Would you like some Haggis?
(Submitted by KSCA) [1 votes]

Due to the dangers of 'Norse StickBall', the SCA quickly introduces the little known sport of 'Norse Plumber's Crackball' to appease the masses.
(Submitted by John Honeybucket) [1 votes]

A friendly game of volleyball was going on until the purple monkeys with washing machines flew down and joined in (man those monkeys can throw one wild volleyball party)!
(Submitted by The king of... umm.... well... I can't think of anything!!) [1 votes]

As soon as our town discoveres the "basket" we'll be all set.
(Submitted by William the Younger, from Ealdormere) [0 votes]

Heralds heads bounce sooo well
(Submitted by .P) [0 votes]

...and the head proclaimed "Light!..........Tippie!".
(Submitted by Urufu Shinjiro Tenzo) [0 votes]

Another pagan religion that worships the sun.
(Submitted by Takahatsu Yamamoto) [0 votes]

This year at Pennsic XXXI, Cabbage ball returns!!
(Submitted by Donas) [0 votes]

The Rapier community enjoying a friendly game of cabbage ball...10 seconds before the heavies join in....
(Submitted by Steehk Zyoch) [0 votes]

I like this Crown Lyst so much better. The others are so... violent
(Submitted by JS) [0 votes]

Someone may want to tell them how bocce ball is really played.
(Submitted by Phillippe le Loupargente) [0 votes]

Aah! It floats! Burn the witch!
(Submitted by Eastern Pelican) [0 votes]

In light of the latest FFA/Taliban ground to air missle warining, Harry Potter's Quiddich matches were played 'a la peid'
(Submitted by Philip de Rochelle) [0 votes]

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