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Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!

Gimiie the bal or ill kill your head off!

The people have spoken! Here are the results of our on-line voting:

1. The Laurels never did quite get the whole concept of dog-ball.
    — Submitted by Lady George

2. Despite his team's best efforts, Harvey's claim that "we could beat you with our hands tied to each other's knees" ultimately proved unfounded.
    — Submitted by Rhys Wilkerson

2. (tie) Welcome back to our coverage of the Known World Cup
    — Submitted by Randwulf aet Blacwulveslea)

The entire list of entries, as well as the voting results, may be seen in the previous issue.

The submission and voting period are over
Here are the submissions our readers sent in, sorted by votes received:


Kaptions Submitted by Our Readers:

"Next on the shire's agenda, we... for the last time, would the two gentlemen in the back PLEASE stop humping the columns?!"
(Submitted by Rhys Wilkerson) [8 votes]

As the audience reaction to his talk on 15thC Paris changed from stunned silence to whispering and laughter, it dawned on Michael that he'd forgotten to lace up his codpiece.
(Submitted by Crispin Sexi) [7 votes]

What REALLY goes on in a typical peerage meeting.
(Submitted by A naughty apprentice) [3 votes]

"No, I was wrong - move it back the other way."
(Submitted by Fiore Dellarosa) [3 votes]

(Submitted by shonna) [2 votes]

For Sale - Used Knight. Has full plate armor exterior and comes complete with 3 squires. Fights well. Make offer or will trade for Kingdom Herald of equal value.
(Submitted by Kylan Magnusson) [2 votes]

What do you mean 14c. Italian isn't supposed to be 'regimental'?
(Submitted by Khevron) [2 votes]

Bad squires! No hump-um poles!
(Submitted by The one the only.. V-man.) [2 votes]

Despite their blindness, the Romeneski brothers had always fancied themselves as very skilled with the ladies....until that fateful day behind the town square pavillion, where unbeknownst to them, there was a town meeting going on....
(Submitted by Lady Bethia Somers, Kingdom of Atenveldt) [2 votes]

Colin's greatest fear had come true, he had come to the lecture with no pants.
(Submitted by Lord Owen ap Robert) [2 votes]

just a leeeetle more to the left there fellows!
(Submitted by Sine as Monadh, in a distant part of the realm!) [1 votes]

"Is it me, or is there a draft in here..??"
(Submitted by Lady Bethia Somers, Kingdom of Atenveldt) [1 votes]

"The Closet Trials"
(Submitted by Sean) [1 votes]

you two in the back, the last time this assembly saw anything like that it was on the end of our quills. Put them AWAY!!!!
(Submitted by one more time correctly -Lady Danica who can't type in the morning) [1 votes]

Somebody climb up there and plug the projector back in please? And you in the cage for the last timne, we have no popcorn! so pipe down!
(Submitted by Conrad the Mad, Mid realm) [1 votes]

Wheeeeen....theeee.....moon hits your eye like a big-a pizza pie that's amore.....
(Submitted by Lady Dumbledorf Twinkletoes of ANSTEORRA!) [1 votes]

Stop humping the pillars - you are shaking the pavilion top and it's very distracting!!
(Submitted by Trystan of Anglesey) [1 votes]

Suddenly the herald relized it wasn't a dream, he really had forgotten his pants.
(Submitted by Roise ni'Ullachain, Calontir) [1 votes]

Contrary to the history books, there -was- a second cherubim, but in the cupola, not on the grassy knoll.
(Submitted by Alia Marie de Blois) [1 votes]

I'm sorry Mr. Bagman, but we'll just have to let the dementors have you.
(Submitted by Maras Qaylah) [1 votes]

"Next, in our new Spring Fashion line, we have Terrance, who is dressed in short tunic and hose - notice the tassle adorned side points . . .
(Submitted by Lady Beatrix of Tanet, Shire of Rokecliffe, Princapality of Northshield) [1 votes]

"Darn....Its that 'I forgot my white belt' dream agin"
(Submitted by Aaron Rebellinus) [1 votes]

Miraculously, the two squires were able to hold up the roof throughout the bard's droning recitiation of the Iliad, although the Peers were too busy sleeping, hiding, and comparing War stories to notice.
(Submitted by Ana of Atlantia) [0 votes]

I would like to thank the peons who are holding up the pavilion. Now, on to other business...
(Submitted by Sir Master Brand deux Leons, An Tir:-)) [0 votes]

Yes I know we have to get started, but Robert's Rules aren't period!
(Submitted by Tauna the Black) [0 votes]

Suddenly Roberto realized he had forgotten to put on his hose
(Submitted by Alvira MacDonald) [0 votes]

Excuse two in the back I know you love this building but please! There are children present!
(Submitted by Beorn) [0 votes]

Hostage Dinner Theater - no eating, talking or anything else until you have heard me sing!
(Submitted by Been There Too Many Times, Esq.) [0 votes]

"...And in this corner, weighing in at a just a notch above a baby Oxen...."
(Submitted by Lady Bethia Somers, Kingdom of Atenveldt) [0 votes]

"To you, the BOD, I address the next topic of.... uh, excuse me... hello... uh, down here... are you listening? Take the headphones _off_! Yes I know the Bucs jsut made a touchdown -BUT. Uhg! -Sigh-"
(Submitted by Lady Top Fife) [0 votes]

"And in the final round of the Cage Match, in the azure corner, wearing the brown robe and the rosary....Brother Francois!"
(Submitted by Kathryn) [0 votes]

M.C. Escher, looking over his creation, realized that while topologically interesting, the cupola really didn't provide the least bit of shade over the BOD.
(Submitted by Guy de Mont Ange, An Tir) [0 votes]

Quick - pull the collums to trap them in this peerage meeting before they discover there won't be free mead!
(Submitted by Michelino di Martini, An Tir) [0 votes]

... and you see if you hold the pillars just so the roof will be just fine.
(Submitted by Lady Anna de Byxe from Drachenwald) [0 votes]

Your two in the back...the last time this assembly saw something in the back it was on the end of my quill.
(Submitted by Lady Danica & Compatriots - Kingdom of the Outlands) [0 votes]

Your two in the back...the last time this assembly saw something in the back it was on the end of my quill.
(Submitted by Lady Danica & Compatriots - Kingdom of the Outlands) [0 votes]

did anyone find my keys?
(Submitted by amaris) [0 votes]

"Circumcise, or not to circumcise..." the youth said...
(Submitted by O'Gaul-lee) [0 votes]

Witness the effect of the Viagra Herb!
(Submitted by A. Stuffie le Fencere) [0 votes]

Don't jump! It was a joke! You really DON'T have to dress like this to attend the Laurel meetings...
(Submitted by Banbharun Temair inghean Muirdaich) [0 votes]

The sun will come out tomarrow bet your bottom dollar...
(Submitted by Seamus mac Inneirghe) [0 votes]

I like the chick on the right, but did she hafta bring her brothers along ?
(Submitted by Anton de Stoc) [0 votes]

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