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Factum Enimvero
(As a Matter of Fact)

Lord Cecil, reportedly the smartest man in the SCA, is a shadowy figure who seldom makes public appearances at events; this explains his relative lack of awards. However, he is a valuable resource to those interested in getting "The Straight Dope" about Medieval and Renaissance life. He can be reached through his confidante, Lady Katherine d'Inkepenne.

Dear Lord Cecil,

Those Italian Renaissance personas think they're so great. Give me some dirt on the underside of the culture that brought us Michaelangelo.

— Ricardo

Dear Ricardo,

Court records from Florence give us an idea of what it really was like back then. How about a mob literally tearing a man apart for urinating on a statue of the Virgin Mary? OF course, there are instances of riots and violence everywhere in the time period we study. How about this to embarass the Italians — they invented BINGO! An alert staff member brought this to my attention; unfortunately her documentation comes from The Star, but even they have to take a break and do research now and then. The article says that Lo Giuco del Lotto d'Italia began in 1530. The original game went from 1 to 90 (ask Grandma, the modern game runs from 1-75). The Italian version used the names of local towns to top each column. Not embarrassing enough? The folks who brought us the Renaissance also brought you the annoying white face and mannerisms of mimes. The Italians also gave us bowling, in the form of bocce. It's outdoor bowling, and you will see folks playing it at events from time to time. (I tried to dig up some dirt on the notorious Lucrezia Borgia, but all she wasn't nearly as bad as she's made out to be. One source credits her with inventing bloomers!)

— Lord Cecil

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