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Favourite Elizabethan Songbook!

Greensleeves wasn't the only thing those wacky Elizabethans sang! And now, for a limited time only, you can sing along with them! When you buy Mel Baize's Big-Note Book of Mopey Elizabethan Songs, you'll get over thirty of the most popular sixteenth-century English hits:

  1. When to his Muse the Sheperd sings.
  2. I weepe, and weeping I doe goe.
  3. Sorrowe, sad Sorrowe, why tormentest thou mee?
  4. Why hath Hope deserted me?
  5. My Mistresse hath left me, my Horse is lame, & my Dogge hath dyed, O woe.
  6. Breake not my Hart, for my Hart acheth, it breaketh.
  7. All Ioye hath fledde.
  8. I am Melancholie, for an English Poet am I.
  9. At Morning thou wert flown.
  10. That old Man hath mee accursed.
  11. Heureux, heureux, joie, joie.
  12. Brother, canst thou spare a groat?
  13. Verily, thou hast a bigge hedde.
  14. Feare not; I haue half a Bottle of medicaments remainynge.
  15. The Salt Fish-ponde.
  16. With a Whack fol diddle di do. (The Irysshe Dumpe)
  17. O Woe, she hath found some Bosco sirup, and seeketh now for mee.
  18. How dry I am, how wet I'le bee (if I get not this damn'd codpiece unbutton'd).
  19. I haue the Blues, the Elizabethan Blues.
  20. Art thou the Queenes Guard?—No, Goodwyfe, we are Musitions.
  21. Abandon euery Hope, for nowe I am going to Sing.
  22. Thou art nothing but a Hownde Dogge.
  23. In sooth, the Dial goeth to a leaven.
  24. This will be the Day that I die.
  25. Neuer shake a babie!
  26. I weepe, for her chastity belt will not come unlock'de.
  27. None abide me, all spurn me, nowe shall I consume the Diet of Worms.
  28. The boggard of my Lyfe overfloweth.
  29. If I hadde a Million Sovereigns.
  30. Were it not for badde luck, I'de haue no luck at all.
  31. Gloome, Despaire & Agonie on mee.

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