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Top Ten Cool Things About The Quarter's Web Site

10. Unlike porn sites, visiting our web site won't get you in trouble with your boss

9. Heavy weapons fighting - lots of bruises and pain. Viewing our web site - virtually pain free!

8. Using our web site to explain what the SCA is makes it less likely that people will want to attend events

7. Annoying font used in print version of The Quarter not used on the web page

6. Our web site explains why we make fun of heralds all the time

5. Three words - naked peer photos!

4. Web page means you no longer have to steal printed copies of The Quarter out of other people's baskets

3. More interesting than reading minutes from the last BoD meeting

2. Get to view images in stunning color (offer not valid for all images)

1. Isn't it time you did something for YOU?

The Quarter - Proudly serving 25 percent of the Populace