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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)

A beautiful lady enjoying the Hardcover Edition of The Quarter

Guess who this author is taking about:

This sort of glamorization for either sex consists in fine linen shirts, in scarlet or blue tunics, in necklines and sleeves embroidered with silk; their shoes are trimmed with red dyed leather; the hair of their forelocks and the curls at their temples are crimped with a curling iron; dark grey veils for the head give way to bright and coloured head-dresses, which are sewn with interlacings of ribbons and hang down as far as the ankles.

Aldhelm, writing in the late seventh century, criticized the elaborate dress of NUNS (and perhaps also monks) at Barking in Essex, early Christian Anglo-Saxons (c. 600-800 A.D.) It just goes to show you that fashion can't please everyone.

A Fashionable Burgundian

ST. JEROME'S STUDY - and it was a collegium in blue! I attended St. Jerome's Study this year with the thought in my head of learning something I knew nothing about. There was such an assortment of classes to choose from, it was sometimes easier said than done. I survived and accomplished my goal - I did in fact learn quite a few things that day. On the top of my list was that the common color of choice for the event was blue! It's like everyone got a memo about it. Their Majesties, Gaston and Judith started it all by wearing blue and white on their coronation day, and on top of that, all of their retainers were dressed in blue as well. In keeping with their fashion statement, they chose to wear blue at this event too. Lady Arianne was dressed in a lovely bliaut of blue that complemented her blond tresses. (She also taught a class on what she was wearing!). Milady Isabeaux Jolicoeur, our current Troubadour Laureate, was seen wearing a lovely blue German Renaissance gown, adorned with pearls, and hair cascading down her back. Not only is she a great vocalist, she dresses well too. And while we're on the subject of Renaissance fashion, Mistress Fiona looked stunning in her blue and green Italian gown, complete with a luscious blue velvet cap. Lady Elizabetta da San Germano was seen in a yummy blue gown she made herself. She is quite a talented seamstress herself. Let me not leave out one of the coolest outfits I have seen in quite some time. The Honorable Lord Daimhin Cinncaidhe was wearing a Swiss Guard outfit, and he was wearing it very well. Kudos to you!

Haute Haughty

An unprecedented event has occurred - I have run out of things to write about! It's not that fashion isn't happening in Trimaris, it's just that I've been having such a good time lately that I have forgotten to take notes when I am at an event. For instance, my cohorts and I had a nice long fashion discussion at Wyvernwoode's "Feast of the Einheriar" and yet my notebook never came out once. I do apologize to all of you fashionaholics. I will be taking copious notes at this event.

The Quarter - Be afraid. Be very afraid.