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Trimarian Court Bingo

The Order of the White Scarf hold a faux Knighting ceremony. Award of Arms scroll begins with something other than the phrase "Praiseworthy are those..." The crowd does that stupid "Oooh... Ahhh..." thing when a scroll is displayed. Somebody drops the Sword of State. Yet another guild is formed with great pomp and circumstance.
The Court Herald announces somebody whose name is a bad pun. Somebody makes a completely inaudible presentation to the Crown. Royal Retainer picks his or her nose. "Anno Societatis" pronounced in more than one way by Court Herald(s). Court is more than one hour late.
King Odo says that someone "rocks". Person called before the Crown has to be coaxed to come forward far enough to kneel on the pillows. FREE SPACE The Crown calls someone up to give them an award, and starts with "You've been bad..." Earl Benen disrupts court with his madcap hijinks.
Somebody says "Busted!" to the recipient of an award. Clothing fashions are visibly influenced by a recent movie. Every single Herald comes up to "elevate" one of their members for passing a test. The Queen has a triskele somewhere on her garb. Someone who kneels before the Thrones really should have been wearing underwear.
The Court Herald mispronounces somebody's name. Yet another Kingdom office changes hands. Someone uses the phrase, "I beg a boon!" Audible laughter at an inappropriate time from the naughty Peers standing in the back. The Crown gives out no awards with the word "Argent" in their names.

Instructions: Pay attention in court! If you see or hear something described in one of the boxes, mark off that box. If you mark off five boxes in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally -- true diagonal, not "sort of" diagonal), jump up and shout "Bingo!" (and pray that the Crown has a sense of humor).

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