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Top Ten Strange But True SCA-Oriented E-Mail Groups

(With Explanations where needed)

10. SCA loss (they see dead people)

9. SCA-Potters Tools

8. SCA-4peerage

7. SCA Skeletons (for people who have been "subject to problems in the SCA" - doesn't that pretty much describe EVERYONE in the SCA?)

6. Calontir Diabetics

5. SCA-HazardDocs (warning us all "of potential dangers due to circumstances from historical camping, cooking, dress, weapons, etc.")

4. Grumpy-SCA

3. SCA-Submission Heralds

2. SCA nudist

1. Trimaris-Temp

Reader Top Ten Submission!

The following Top Ten list was sent to us by one of our readers, obviously an enthusiastically loyal Trimarian, who wished to remain anonymous:

As there was no recent account of Trimaris at Pennsic surely the TEN MOST NOTABLE EVENTS OF PENNSIC should be listed.

10) The Best of the Best tournament: THREE Trimarians in the field (an invitation only tournament). Can you say our kingdom has a rep for kicking butt!!

9) The cry of all Trimarians: Combat archery?? What combat archery?? Maybe not at Pennsic but we'll be back for Gulf War. When do we get a new Society Marshal?? Keep it up Sir Erika!! Thank You!!

8) Ansteorran: Hey cool shield!! I like fighting with you guys much better than fighting against you. Varangian: Um thanks!! Us too. See you at Gulf War??

7) The grumbling in the Mountain Pass Battles: POSITIVE force face thrusts??!! Where the heck did that come from?? Is your nose bleeding too?

6) Trimaris / Ealdormere Bardic Circle: At the Trimaris Fire Pit on Saturday night. We have to party with them next year. Sir Elizabeth care to check with the necessary parties?? It was awesome!!

5) Wandering Drunk Trimarian Squires: 1. VIVAAAAAAAAAT!!! 2. FORSOOOOOOOOTH!!! 1. VIVAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT !! !!! (quoting a fine publication....)

4) Partying with the Swedish guys: Oh my %$& DO NOT drink the Salty Licorice Drink. Ugh!

3) Waterbearer: Would you like a drink my lord?? Trimarian Fighter: No. Thank You. Waterbearer: I've got big Jugs. Trimarian Fighter: (speechless)

2) Mad Unknown fighter (thinking to himself): Hey look!! There lies Sir Benen of Trimaris. He must be playing possum lying there on the ground. I'd better make sure by spearing him!! (The Writer believes this foolish mortal was not seen to leave the site.)

1) The pick up field (no not Runestone hill at night. Pervert!!): It looked like fighters of Trimaris held it on a daily basis accepting all comers. TRM Gaston and Judith, our new Princess Elena, Duke Baldar, Earl Gregory, future (sir) Yoan, Squires Lorcan & Osric & Olav & Garris, and many others. Surely the Coopers handed over the deed for the land as it was truly conquered in the name of honor and Trimarian might-in-arms. Let's go to Gulf War with the same spirit intact. Or just whip them soo bad they decide to have a very short Great Court because sitting hurts too much!!!

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