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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)
Lady reading

SCA Garb Rap

By The Quarter's Fashion Reporter

Stitch, stitch, stitch!
Satin satin stitch. Running running stitch stitch
Satin stitch, running stitch, pin, pin, pin
One, two, one two t'ree four, pin, pin, pin
Sewin' silk, sewing garb
Hemmin' gowns, makin' trewes
Makin' hose shirts shoes
Buying trim, sparkly trim
Who buys the trim?
We buy the trim!
Buying trim and makin' garb
—hey, can I get a 'Bethan, man?
Yes you can my little friend
And with your money I will spend
If you want to learn and know
Then watch me sew me sew me sew!
My 'Bethan glove!

Crown Tournament

Well, they were all lined up and looking pretty sweet at this Crown List. Where should I possibly start? The Honorable Lady Quintana looked absolutely striking in her blue gown. They really set off her blue eyes. She's such a pretty girl anyway, but man did she look great with her naturally red hair cascading down her back. Sir Roland, the lucky man's married to her, said, "I never forget how beautiful she is." Isn't that just the sweetest thing? Lady Sireena does it again! She had the most striking procession at the entire event. Instead of Roma wear like last time, this lady did it up in Yu Dynasty China/Mongolia fashion. And every single one in her retinue looked just as spiffy. I gotta hand it to her. She did a great job. Anybody out there taking notes? Lady Muirenn ingen ui Ceilleachair looked just fab in a red and black cotehardie with white tippets. The absolute best part of her outfit, though, was the Princess Leia hairdo and the appropriate veil that goes along with it. She looked like she just stepped out of a portrait. The Honorable Lady Theadora Perplexa was also wearing a cotehardie, but hers was elegantly simple and gray with a yellow underdress. Crowning her gown was a barbette and matching hat. Lord Judah ben Issachar fought for the Honor of Viscountess Elithia. For her, he wore a rose tabard. She was lovely in a purple gown trimmed in silver. And also in purple was Her Radiant Majesty Elena - purple bliaut, red gloves and red girdle. Lord Nicholas du Leon was breaking bad in his 'bethan! Gold, yellow and sand colored fleurs adorned his meticulous outfit and a pair of spiffy boots made the whole thing complete. Lord Crispin d'Arden - was a vision! Just call him Mr. Burgundian from now on. Every time I see this guy he is so sweet and polite - I swear! And not in a smarmy or irritating way. This guy is the genuine article. He was decked out in a white doublet, green coat and brown hosen. Oh, and congratulations are due to Sir Martin von Lochner. First, for that stare-down fighting technique. And second, for a beautiful victory on the field. Congratulations, Your Highness!

Gulf War XI

Oh! Oh! OH! Opening Ceremonies! Their Royal Majesties Odo and Elena, and Their Highnesses Martin and Islay, looked just gorgeous astride their mounts. All four of our Most Fashion-Conscious Royals were in blue and white, and each horse had on blue and white barding that just reeked of Trimaris! In addition to that, Trimarian banners surrounded this Royal Group. It was a most impressive display of heraldry I have seen in a long time. And on that note, I have to comment on the rest of the livery on the equestrian participants. WOW! If you have never seen any of the equestrian games at Gulf War, do yourself a favor and make time in your schedule next time you're there. Some of the most fantastic stuff happens on horseback, and boy do these guys know how show off their barding. Both horse and rider are decked out in matching livery, and helmets with crests are on the order of the day. I've only seen stuff like this in the movies, I swear. It's so much better than any ordinary ol' renaissance fair could ever do. Vivat!

There was a lot of fashion happening in the merchant area every day. If you were looking for fabric, trim (oh man didn't the Calontir Trim guy take forever to get there?!) or jewelry (shameless plug for Master Lothar at Drachenstein Treasures!) you could find it here. There was a bunch of nice looking stuff in the A&S Competition Hall - and I bet those entrants shopped for raw materials at Gulf War last year. And for those of you who like to bring the medieval world into the mundane one, there's always the t-shirts of Renaissance Arts (Hey Benen and Rosabel!) to meet your every need. What more can I say about Gulf War? Just go and see for yourself. It's way cool.

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