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Haikus to Pelicans

Here at The Quarter, we're always ready to try new things, so when someone in another Kingdom told us of Odes to Peers, we decided we had to try our hand at it. It couldn't hurt to suck up, so in honor of Countess Maisie's elevation to the Order of the Pelican, here are some haikus in honor of those Peerly fowl (and a non-haiku just for Her Excellency)!

An Astonishing Likeness
Feed me with your blood,
Pelican, my pelican:
I'm your protégé.
Mystery Peerage,
Meetings shrouded in secrets;
What goes on in there?
Cleaning those toilets,
Picking up the event site,
What an odd Peerage.
Pelicans are not
Simply tireless workers;
Politics played, too.
Working never stops,
Selflessly giving of time,
'Til elevation.
Mistress Maisie
Quite contraisie
Whoops, that's not a word!
Once you were
A Royal Peer
Then they gave you the bird.

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