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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)
Lady reading

In the name of fashion... Greek women were corseted. Under the Greek Chiton a leather band style corset was worn and this gave definition to the hips and bust. From birth, girls were swaddled. For six months their arms and legs were bound in swaddling cloths restricting their movement and keeping limbs straight. Adolescent Greek girls were forced to keep trim. Their Greek mothers used woolen bands to keep the developing body slim ( In today's society, we still basically do the same thing. People have been known to wrap themselves in plastic wrap to take off unwanted inches and change their body shape and size. The idea is so seductive...wrapped up like a mummy in bandages drenched in secret herbal potions only to emerge an hour later inches slimmer. Wooo-hooo - pass the cheeseburgers!

TMT IS NOW CORONATION WEEKEND... I confuse Crown and Coronation all the time, and I still can't get it right. But all that matters is Odo and Elena remembered to show up. They had a lovely stepping down that was equally as cool as their entire reign. As our former Queen Elena knows now, better watch what you say and who you say it to! Let's hope Her Majesty Islay doesn't make the same mistake...The gentles of Trimaris, as always, were dressed so lovely for the occasion. Inside the hall that morning I saw Lady Aurora the Weaver dressed in a Tudor gown in black and silver. Milady Catherine Russell looked swell in a burgundy cotehardie as she received an award for her fund-raising efforts for the Kingdom War Chest. She also was gifted with a scroll made by her fiancé, Lord Jonush Wohoodin of al-Rashid, made on a wooden board. Excellent!

I heard that Duke Llywelyn ap Cadwaladr ap Dafydd ap Hewyl (say that three times fast!) looked pretty spiffy with his van dyke and 13th century clothing. You might even go as far as to say he could be mistaken for Earl Benen MacTire from across the parking lot. Right, Your Grace? Speaking of Dukes in this kingdom, I have to comment on one particular Duke's hairstyle. I hope you're listening, Duke Mittion. Your Grace, please lose the super-mullet! That particular cut is not so flattering... I mean, you look so dreamy in your chain mail coif. Do you think you could wear that more often? Maybe you could hook up with Captain Teutonic for some fashion advice.

TRIMARIS TRIVIA! Did you know that the helmet used for the Youth Combat was made by John the Bearkiller, Duke, Knight, Pelican, and former member of the BOD (but we won't hold that against him). Did you know that Sir Erik von Kampf was the first known citizen of the Imperium in the Floridian Wastes? He founded what was to eventually become our kingdom in July 30, 1971. The Shire of Wyvernwoode was founded and became the first official group in Trimaris in June, 1972.

SUMMER A&S COMPETITION After the rain, lack of cold A/C, and a very crowded hall, there were cookies. Everywhere there were cookies... shaped like triskeles, viking ships, fleur-de-leis, and iron crosses. Seems the Minister of Arts & Sciences, Mistress Lisabetta da Firenze, had a yen for cookies because she made about 10 dozen! There was a cookie for every judge and every entrant. Hope she does it again at Winter A&S. Whose house? Martin's house! (Say what?) Who saw the king judging at the event?! King Martin von Lochner offered his services when there was a call for Performance judges. I have never seen anything like that before in my entire SCA life — a Crown that fully participated at A&S! And, from what I heard, he was a pretty good judge too. Word on the street is that he takes criticism as well as compliments and that he really enjoys the arts and sciences. He holds quite a lot of knowledge of the arts and has been known to create a thing or two. Add him to the list of artsy knights, including Earl Benen, Earl Gregory and Ser Severin. There were quite a few cool displays there — and in my opinion — the "Green Food" display by Serafina of Darkwater was it. Others liked it as well, since she also won the Crown's Acclaim and the Populace Acclaim. And I have to mention the first ever Youth Acclaim winner, Odyssius de Artopeous. Not only is this kid a talented young man, but he has such a wonderful disposition. Way to go, little dude.

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