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The Collectors' Guide to

Trimarian Knights Bobbleheads!

Hey kids! Be the first in your shire to collect the entire set of the Knights of Trimaris Bobblehead figures! They're free with any $10 purchase at Belt, Book, and Candle! (Come on, with white belts for sale on Trimaris-Temp, you knew these couldn't be far behind!)

Martin! Gregory! Braian!
HRM Martin — Now YOU can own the KING! Gregory Ahearn — With Magic Carpet event transport unit! (cool workshop playset sold separately) Braian MacNaughton — Complete with realistic birthmark!

Cadwyd Enwir — Accessorized with early period bling-bling! Geoffrey Maynard of York — Comes with TWO peerages!
Severin! Jean Paul! Stromek!
Severin Visconti di Milano —
With extra-loud sound chip!
John Paul Ruthendale — Performs
REAL puppet shows!
Stromek bo Comatan — Uses ten cent words AND drinks beer!
Coming Soon — Trimarian Pelican Weebles™!

The Quarter - Welcome to the Kingdom, Baby!