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Hey Kids — Looking for Your Next
Art Sci Project? Why Not Enter
This Period Cure for Baldness?*

La la ouch!

"This is a hard thing to cure, yet the following things are very good. Rub the head or bald places every morning very hard with a coarse cloth, till it be red, anointing immediately after with Bear's grease: when ten or fifteen days are passed, rub every morning and evening with a bruised Onion, till the bald places be red, then anoint with honey well mixed with Mustard seed, applying over all a plaster of Labdanum mixed with mice dung, and powder of Bees : do this for thirty days. If all the former fail, bathe with a decoction of Bur-dock roots, made with a Lixivium (of Salt of Tartar) two parts, and muskadel one part; immediately applying this Unguent : take Thapsi or Turbeth one drachm (in powder) bear's grease one ounce, mix them, which use for sixty days; if this make not the hair come, the defect is incurable."

—From Polygraphice, Second Edition (1673), by William Salmon

* Note — cut-off year for Art Sci documentation in Trimaris is 1650.

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