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Mistress Abigaille?

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Advice from a real Peer -
so it must be good!

Dear Mistress Abigaille,

Several years ago, my peer sold all his SCA accoutrements, dismissed his associates and announced that he was leaving the SCA. Ever since, however, he has continued to attend kingdom events. What do I make of this?

— Beltless in Bentonshire

Dear Beltless,

There's no polite way to say this — but it looks like you got dumped! It's natural for you to be upset, but nothing is going to bring your belt back. Try to move on with your SCA life.

Confidential to "I Have a Crush on a Certain Knight":

Sir Kurn is happily married, so please put all thoughts of him out of your head.

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