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Top Ten ArtSci Excuses

10. "Someone posted on an e-mail list that they had a bad experience with Art Sci 15 years ago."

9. "My dog ate my entry, and then my goat ate my dog!"

8. "Lightning struck my computer, and then I ran out of toner, and then my printer would only print capital letters..."

7. "My neighbor extinguished the burning dead pig I had smoldering underground in my backyard."

6. "I want to give other artisans a chance to "shine"."

5. "It takes two years to make a masterpiece."

4. "The Queen made me enter art sci!"

3. "I'm quite sure that if, in period, they could have gone to Wal-Mart and purchased an item to enter in Art Sci, they would have."

2. "Could not find a reasonable substitution for plastic."

1. "Dingos ate my documentation!"

The Quarter - What a bunch of crazy kids!