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The Quarter Presents

SCA Fashion Tips!

Hubba hubba!

Tip 1

Ladies! We realize that modern nutrition has given today's women more advantages in the cleavage department than their Renaissance counterparts (and the men rejoiced...) However, be sure to fit your bodices so that you avoid the unfortunate "Shelf of Uncomfortably Corralled Boobies" look.

A One-Armed Statue!

Tip 2

Roman clothing is a great choice for those hotter summer months. Nota Bene: Roman men and women wore tunics under their toga and stolla to avoid the tragic problem of "side meat". We hope you'll do the same.

Woof woof!

Tip 3

Even more so than babies, dogs make great fashion accessories. But a highstrung teacup Chihuahua looks out of place at SCA events, mainly because it's so quivery with fear that it looks like it's about to pass out — and the Kingdom constable informs us that his deputies aren't trained to do doggie CPR.

Our Mission Statement : "Debellare Superbos"