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Saints and their Mutant Powers
or, Mystery Men of the Middle Ages

Ignatius of Loyola: When his shirt is being ironed, it has healing powers.

Jerome: The cloak he has worn can bring people back from the dead so they can report the truth on hell, purgatory and paradise.

Jude: Can get a baby to talk to confirm who its parents are.

Nicholas of Flue: Can survive without food or water for 19 years.

Pantaleon of Nicomedeia: Will bleed milk instead of blood when beheaded.

Peter of Verona: Can heal odd growths by covering them with his skull cap.

Remigius of Reims: Can make wine in an empty wine barrel!

Servatius of Tongeren: Can revert people back to normal that have been turned to stone, but only if they ask nicely.

Ulrich of Augsburg: Can change meat into fish.

Vincent of Ferrer: Can raise dismembered children from the dead.

Adalbert of Prague: Can step on the head of a serpent and all serpents within a mile radius will lose their heads and be turned to stone.

Adrian of Nicomedeia: Makes the wind blow in the wrong direction.

Andrew: Can put out a fire with a single glass of water.

Antony of Padua: Will preach to fish because they gather around to listen.

Catherine of Siena: Can bake good bread from spoiled flour.

Charlemagne: Can bend four horseshoes straight at once, and split a knight on horseback in two with one blow of his sword.

Christopher: Can stop arrows in mid air when he is being used as a target.

Elizabeth of Hungary: Can turn bread into roses (but only when the roses are out of season.)

(Gleaned from The Encyclopedia of Saints by Clemens Jockle, Alpine Fine Arts Collection Ltd., London. 1995.)