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"Mystery Men of the Middle Ages"

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Meet Drusilla!

From The Quarter Staff

What Type of SCAdian Are You?

Saints and Their Mutant Powers

The Trimaris Fashion Report

Cartoon: Tom Yesterday

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Top Ten Rejected Promotional Slogans for the SCA

Event Flyer: Gathering of the Clowns

Classified Ads

Cartoon: Dead Men Tel No Tales

Better Living Through Astrology


Copyright Anno Societatis xxxiv The Quarter
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1. Why would you want to? It stinks!
2. Stealing ideas and artwork will give you bad Karma.

Dear Friend, this special chain letter is the Fall Coronation A.S. xxxiv edition of the independent publication known as The Quarter, which is in no way associated with the Society for Creative Anachronism. Luck, happiness, glamour, and awards will all come your way if you copy this publication exactly as you find it and then give it to four SCAdians. Lord Sheldon sent four copies to his friends and at the very next event received a Grant of Arms. Lady Winifred of the Gilded Lily, though initially skeptical, forwarded the copies on and was made a Pelican two months later. But beware! Ill fortune befalls those who do not make sure that four of their friends read this publication. Lord Dominik Spamsbane did not give copies to four people, and hasn't won a lyst since. Lady Kimdra failed to circulate it among her SCA friends, and at feast was surrounded by a group from the Mimes' Guild; then she was banished. Don't risk this happening to you! You will get the recognition you deserve!

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