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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)
Lady reading

Clothing serves as a kind of uniform, designating status. Establishing one's social identity is still an important factor in our lives today. Back then, lepers were to wear gray coats and red hats, prostitutes scarlet skirts, and public penitents white robes. Of course, this was stigmatic in nature. The people in these social situations had no choice. In our modern-medieval world, we do have a choice. What we choose to wear at events does, in effect, designate our social status as whom we mean to portray the noble, the common, or the fantastic.

Where are all the cool costumes at Summer Art/Sci? I guess I am either becoming too snobby in my fashion tastes, or there really hasn't been a lot of sewing going on for the past few months. Although Summer Art/Sci was a wonderfully attended event with both happy artists and beautiful items everywhere, this costuming fanatic was a tad saddened by the fact that there was only one item for on-the-body judging, and that was a suit of armor! Where, oh where, have all the costumers gone? There was a large contingent of Elizabethan-clad folk wandering around the hall that day. It was a sight when three ladies who had looked lovely, cool and collected all day suddenly stripped off their clothing down to their undies as soon as court was finished! THAT was a sight to see. Speaking of Elizabethan costumes, did you see Duchess Anastasiya, or more like it, see less of her? Of course, I mean she looks trimmer and thinner! Bravo dahlink, you look mahvelous.

The Earls of Irish — Gregory and Bytor — looked fabulous on their motorized horses. Complete with heraldic barding and a steering wheel, the two rode around all day, fighting, jousting and showing off their awesome creations. I understand there were more people involved in the creation of those two noble steeds, and although I don't know who you are, you guys did a great job.

Have you noticed the theme in Master Jarnakar's Art/Sci entries? They're all made from dead things! First it was glue/paste from various animals, and next was a half-roasted pig entry. I wait in anticipation over his next dead animal project.

Who's fighting in Crown? Word around town is that Earl Bytor is looking for a consort to fight for in November. Hey girls — this is your chance! Resumes should be submitted to His Largeness no later than October. So far, I hear that Earl Benen will be among the contestants too. Maybe he'll wear that cool Shamrock Cape that he wore at feast at Summer Art/Sci. Is Sir Cadwydd fighting? Well, I don't know anything about that, but did you know he used to play professional arena football with the Orlando Predators? But only for a couple of weeks.

What's new and trendy in Trimaris? Thuri of Ech Dubh is making the coolest jewelry I have seen in a long time. Gauntlet and sword charms! The mitten gauntlet is actually jointed and moves! I am not one for armor of any sort, but this is such a unique item that I'm going to have to get myself one.

Traveling to Ansteorra... Well, did you hear the one about the three Laurels who went to Ansteorra? They were treated like royalty, had their every need attended to, stood up in court more times than they expected to, and very much had a great time out there. The punch line? There were actually TWO laurels and ONE Pelican! Ha! Countess Nadira, Mistress Lisabetta and Mistress Melisande (Gryfn, that is). There's no joke about the whole trip. The Ansteorrans were wonderful. Baron Edwin FitzRoy, Baron of the Steppes, was the host of this event, Steppes Artisan. This event is so huge and the title of Steppes Artisan is so coveted that people come from miles around to compete! There's a rumor that the ladies will return next year...

The Quarter - What a bunch of crazy kids!