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Top Ten Heralds' Pickup Lines

10. Would you like to cry MY name throughout the camp?

9. I'm into submissions.

8. Wouldst thou like to come back to my pavillion and conjoin your lozenge with my escutcheon?

7. Let's put color on color!

6. Looking at you makes my dormant charge rampant!

5. Want to be with an actual person? (Oh, sorry, that's a pickup line that works ON a herald!)

4. My baton is not per bend, if you catch my meaning!

3. We heralds have to know the French tongue!

2. Treat me right, baby, and I'll have the College of Heralds pass your name in only six months!

1. Wanna see my heraldic device?

Drusilla sez: Stultorum quanto status sublimior, tanto manifestior turpitudo!