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Area SCA Member Makes T-Tunic

Southern Wastes, Trimaris — Longtime local SCAdian Lord Richard Cunningham recently sewed a new T-tunic. "It was time, it really was," said Lord Richard. "My old T-tunics, they were really getting ratty and torn. I didn't want to spend my time sewing patches over holes."

After a trip to the local fabric store, where Lord Richard found a nice mid-weight cotton in navy blue for $2.99 a yard and a gold and black trim that wasn't too expensive, he got to work. "Well, I went to the cloth store late, right before they closed, so I would avoid questions like, 'What's a MAN doing in a fabric store?' Picking the trim was the hardest part." He carefully read the SCA corporate publication, "Costuming to a T." "Yeah, the book helped, I had also talked a little to Mistress Viola, the Laurel who lives here in Southern Wastes."

Above: A sketch of Lord
Richard's trim, used on
the new T-tunic.

The T-tunic has long sleeves and the hem reaches to approximately mid-thigh on Lord Richard. The trim adorns the sleeves at the wrist and also runs along the hem. The neck opening is the traditional slit front.

"I guess I'm happy with it. You know, it wasn't that bad," said Lord Richard. "I wish I'd gone ahead and made some more while I was at it. If I go to Gulf Wars, I'll definitely have to make some more T-tunics. But don't get me wrong, like, I'm not gonna give up fighting in favor of making garb, that's for sure."

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