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Mistress Abigaille?

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Advice from a real Peer -
so it must be good!

Dear Mistress Abigaille:

my new girlfriend is perfect, except for one thing — she doesn't care for the SCA. What do I do?

— Two Loves in Sea March

Dear Two Loves,

Boy, are you in trouble! These "mixed marriages" between SCA member and non-SCA member rarely have a happy ending. Prepare to lose the girl of your dreams or the hobby of your dreams, because that's usually what happens, unless you can work out a compromise. First though, let me ask you how you introduced your love to the SCA. If you took her to the local wet t-tunic contest, I can't blame her for being dubious. Try convincing her to try the SCA again and bring her to Summer Art-Sci; nothing too frightening should happen at that event, save for the occassional artisan having a hissy fit. Another option: the Jedi mind trick. "This hobby of mine no longer frightens you."

Dear Mistress Abigaille:

What is "wordfame"? I saw it mentioned in the Gulf Wars pamphlet.

— Confused in Narval Dorado

Dear Confused,

In an attempt to be clever, some SCAdians have taken it upon themselves to invent new terms that sound period to them, rather than modern words which were period as well. For example, refering to an automobile as a "dragon", when car, cart, or carriage are all better (and period!) choices that aren't Tolkein-esque. I believe "wordfame" means praise or compliments.

CONFIDENTIAL TO "WATCH IT WIGGLE" — There's a difference between a belly dancer and a dancing belly!

CONFIDENTIAL TO "GUILTY PLEASURES" — After a weekend at a dusty campground, I think we all enjoy a good Q-Tip session, despite warnings on the package that you shouldn't put them inside your ear. Just don't use the enitre box in one session. The Pope ruled that to be a sin.

The Quarter - Brought to you in part by the Wrong People!