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The Trimaris Fashion Report

(and other things happening around the Kingdom)

Lady reading

So I'm reading one of my favorite books about Renaissance Florence, and I stumble upon this little gem of history I'd like to pass along to the rest of the kingdom. Just think what would happen if we really re-enacted history. The following is paraphrased from the original Fiscal Rational of 1373:

"It is well known to all that sixteen worthy men have been selected to discover ways and means by which money will accrue to the Commune. Considering the Commune's need for revenue to pay current expenses, they have enacted the following: All women and girls, married or not, betrothed or not, of whatever age, rank and condition, who wear - or will wear in the future - any gold, silver, precious stones, belts, ribbons of gold or silver, or cloth of silk brocade on their bodies or heads, for the ornamentation of their bodies, will be required to pay each year the sum of 50 florins to the treasurer."

Now, that's one heck of a kingdom fund-raiser!

CROWN TOURNAMENT - LET'S TALK ABOUT THE KNIGHTS! So many Citizens of the Republic of Rome around the event site it was hard to tell if we had transported back in time. I'm sure it had nothing to do with that absolutely fabulous movie in which Lorcan, er, Maximus, beat the crap out of everyone and died a hero. Well, Earl Bytor FitzGerald beat the crap out of everyone to win the best seat in the kingdom that was coveted by the many hopefuls on the field that day. Lord Yoan tried his best to beat the big guy, but Bytor would have none of it. (See more cool stuff about Lord Yoan towards the end of this article - and yeah, I know he's not a knight, but he did come in second, and that is worthy of mentioning.)

And the baldheads were out that day! Sir Cadwydd sported a shaved head because he lost a bet! And not to our resident joker, Earl Benen, either! Yep - as a teacher, he bet that his kids couldn't raise $15,000 to help a young cancer victim. The bet was "raise the money and you can shave my head on television." So they did! From what I understand, they initially gave him a reverse Mohawk! But he looks kinda cute like that, don't you think? Sir Kalim sported a bald pate due to his persona's ethics about being clean before going into battle. In any case, he looked like the Genie of Aladdin's lamp (or Mr. Clean!)

The Knights' Tournament, the brainchild of Duke Llywellen, was held that Sunday afternoon. Each knight fought on four separate fields and earned points from the Crown, Ladies of the Gallery, and their fellow knights. It was cool! You guys should have that tournament more often. It was fabulous watching the belted of Trimaris swinging away at each other - and having heckuva good time doing it.

One last note - what's with those boots Earl Seosaidh, er, Stratoskoles? Personally, I think those toenails need some color. A nice shade of red would go nicely with your tunic! FACT: Caligula, that X-rated movie to some, a heroic Roman Emperor to others, means "little boots."

ART/SCI AND WHOLE ANIMAL FOOD ENTRIES Something interesting always happens at Art/Sci. So what was it this time - the heat, the lack of A/C and lighting in the main hall, or was it just time for some weirdo entry? Whatever it was, Countess Chelsea was in tune to it. She won a Laurels' Acclaim for a roasted and mounted-up screaming chicken, complete with a helmet and lance, riding a pig. (What were those Laurels thinking?) After everyone got a good look at it, it was hacked into pieces for a supplement to lunch for the populace. You had to see it to believe it. Of course, so far it's been the weirdest food entry ever seen at Art/Sci. The nicest all-out displayed food entries (that I remember) consisting of a whole animal were the dressed peacock, served with its tail fanned, and the gilded pheasant. Not included in that category would be Master Jarnakar's half-cooked "stink pig" - an entry that his neighbor kindly put out the fire it was cooking in when it was halfway done.

Where ya goin', pilgrim?
NOT what
Yoan's outfit
looked like.

ST. JEROME'S STUDY Classes, classes, more classes and a large quantity of rain! Of course, it didn't discourage anyone from attending. Every class had a healthy dose of students attending. There was such a nice variety from hands-on at the forge to a class on how to wear, walk and sit in your garb! But hey, the most fashionable statement that occurred all day - and let me tell you, it was quite the statement - Lord Yoan Moon Yang sported the uniquely fashioned garb of the Koreans, complete with a witch's hat abruptly cut off half way up. His hairstyle was appropriate too. I can't say that it was the most beautiful piece of clothing that I ever saw walk by me, but it was done well and according to the time period. Two snaps in a circle up for having the guts to wear it, Yoan!

Overheard at the Gulf Wars Strategy Meeting:

"You don't play D&D for six years without learning something about courage."

The Quarter - Crossing Lines at Every Opportunity