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From The Quarter Staff

Top Ten Rejected Articles Submitted To The Quarter

The Trimaris Fashion Report

The Adventures of Captain Teutonic

Missing Squire Report: Tatheg O'Brian


The Flowers of the Trimarian Chivalry

SCA-TV Guide

Dear Mistress Abigaille

Advertisement: simSCA

Lord Nebbish's Heraldic Corner

Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest!

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Lonely, rebellious publication, likes poking fun at the SCA, long walks, sipping mead and watching gladiator movies, seeks e-mails from people who want to talk about Medieval philosophy, dirty jokes hidden in Shakespeare's sonnets, and, most importantly, dish some dirt as to what happened at the last event. Quotable quotes a plus. Write to:

Sense of humor a must. Friends first. No weirdos please.


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