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Mudgeon McGrumpypants vs. The Heralds

The Handicapper's Guide to Fall Crown Tourney

The Trimaris Fashion Report

Top Ten Advertising Slogans for Court

Do You Suffer from Fabric Addiction?

Cartoon: Harold at Large

Dear Mistress Abigaille

What Me Think

Period Baldness Cure

Guess the Mystery Peer

Wacky Woodkut Kaption Kontest


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This priceless (i.e., free) little parcel of fanatical journalism you hold in your hot little hands is the 20th issue of The Quarter. Who would have thought, when we started out at Martinmas Moot waaaaay back in a.s. xxxiii, that we would still be around today, irritating people of high and low rank everywhere. Back in those days, Martinmas was a Crown Lyst. And that was our first Betting Guide. Oh sure, a few people thought we'd be a one-trick pony. But check us out NOW! No, really, check us out! We have a web site, we've sold at least three t-shirts, and the BoD hasn't shut us down yet. By the way, have any of you figured out that this whole back page thing is a little conceit of ours? I mean, we can't afford to mail them out individually from Antarctica. And while we're on the topic, do any local chroniclers ever actually mail their newsletters out? No? Then why are all of us wasting this space? Oh yeah, because it's too darn hard to fill up the existing pages as it is. But we digress. Anyway, thanks for reading The Quarter. We have no idea how long we will continue to bring you Trimaris' Perfectly Period Publication, Maybe we'll do it another five years. Maybe this will be the last one. Who knows? In life, there are no guarantees. This publication in no way is an official publication of The Society for Creative Anachronism, doesn't delineate corporate policy, yadda yadda yadda.

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