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GREETINGS unto the populouace of Trimaris from Guillaume Femmegoutte, Head Proctor of the Guildmaster's Guild!!!!

I would like to extend an invitation anyone who wishes to join our Guild (whether or not you're currently a Guildmaster — who knows, maybe some day you might be one!!!) Although we are not an official Guild of Trimaris or of the SCA, we have financial support from all paid members of the SCA in Trimaris. (How is that possible, you ask? Simple!!! A portion of their dues go towards subsidizing our Guild newsletter which is printed in every issue of the Talewinds!)

Members of our Guild may easily be recognized by the plastic pickles we wear pinned to our garb. There are many different types of pickles, representing the different Guilds we belong to — a sweet pickle for the Brewmaster's Guild, a gherkin for the Fine Arts Guild Of Trimaris, a kosher dill for the Rabbi's Guild, and so forth. (You get a pickle whether you're a Guildmaster of a Guild or just a member: by being a part of a Guild, you're helping keep it going, so in a sense we are ALL Guildmasters!!!)

Once you get five pickles, you get to call yourself a Deacon. If you get ten pickles, you may call yourself a Proctor. (Many people have asked why we don't use real Guild terms like "Guildmaster", "Journeyman" and "Apprentice", and of course the reason is because the stuck-up Laurels would make a stink. Some of those same people have also pointed out that by using university-related titles, we should call ourselves the "College of Guildmasters", but that sounds too much like the College of Heralds, and nobody likes them!!!!!)

At Coronation, we will be holding a meeting to discuss various matters of importance to Guildmasters, such as how to get Trimaris to hold fewer events so more Guild newsletters will fit into the Talewinds.

In Service To The Dream,
Archproctor Guillaume Femmegoutte

Drusilla sez: The crabs come in on the Captain's dinghy!