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Meet Drusilla!

Drusilla.  No relation to the vampire of the same name.

The Quarter is pleased to announce the results of our "Name The Quarter's Mascot Contest!" There were many wonderful suggestions (like the suggestion that we replace our mascot with a giant tick, in keeping with the Kingdom's new campsite), but the winning name was sent to us by Merleson the Munificent. Yes, Drusilla seems an oddly appropriate name for our spunky, fiesty, maybe even a little mouthy, heraldically creative mascot. The staff of The Quarter fell in love with the name before realizing that it is shared by a character from the show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", so please don't write in complaining that we are pro-vampire. It's just not the case.

Other names that were in the running include Leda Swan Kisser, Gwendolyne Rammesbottome, and Roxanne. Thanks for entering!

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