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From The Quarter Staff

This is the fourth issue of The Quarter. Can you believe it? Next issue will mark our first anniversary. As it's published in limited quantities (because we're cheap) previous editions are considered collectors' items by some, and emergency toilet paper by others.

But now to serious business. Apparently, we here at The Quarter have done something we never intended. While we had a grand vision of what we wanted our publication to be, we didn't stop to consider that we might offend a group within the SCA. We are referring to that segment of the SCA population that actually likes Cous Cous.

Cous Cous is an easy target for our writers for several reasons. The name itself is silly sounding. The fact that it is all too frequently served at feasts makes it familiar to SCAdians, and therefore, we thought, an appropriate foil for our wit. But not so! Cous Cous, a Middle Eastern dish made of steamed semolina (what your people call milled durum wheat) has many strident, sometimes militant, supporters. We promise all of you that our writers will get a double helping of cous cous at the very next opportunity — and they'll like it!

The staff of The Quarter is sorry that cous cous afficionados feel that way. Now that this matter has been brought to our attention, we can correct our satirists so that this does not happen again. (We can only hope that doumbek players have a better sense of humor.)


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