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What Kind of SCAdian Are You?
Take Our Pop Psychology Quiz

Is your significant other concerned that you're spending too much time and money on the SCA? Still can't decide what persona to adopt? Do you have 10 minutes or more to kill before Court starts? (Who doesn't?) Then you need to take the following quiz! As a service to the Society, this quiz has been created to help you determine what type of SCAdian you are. Just select the answer that best suits your response.

  1. When considering the theory of reincarnation, you think that in a previous life you were:
    1. Antony or Cleopatra
    2. Attila the Hun
    3. A Serf
    4. da Vinci's chief brush cleaner
    5. St. Augustine
    6. George Washington
  2. BOOBIES! Your favorite activity is:
    1. Sitting under a tree in the moonlight with your lord/lady
    2. Fighter Practice
    3. Groveling
    4. Illuminating a manuscript
    5. Contemplating the role of man in the universe
    6. Playing poker at the Seminole Reservation
  3. You never miss an episode of:
    1. "Heloise and Abelard - Forbidden Love"
    2. "Tournament Countdown with Lord Christopher de Burman"
    3. "The BoD Report"
    4. "Paint along with Albrect Durer"
    5. "Who Wants To Be a Martyr?"
    6. "Everybody Loves Raymond"
  4. Your eccentric uncle, the Earl of Desinex, promises you anything you wish. You ask for:
    1. A love potion, a la Tristan and Isolde
    2. A shopping spree at Eric the Red's Armory
    3. A champion to defend you and a shield to hide behind
    4. 500 yards of silk brocade, hand dyed and woven
    5. A horsehair shirt
    6. The latest Will Smith CD
  5. A time machine is developed; you choose to go back in time to see:
    1. Elizabeth I's private life - was she really a virgin queen?
    2. The Battle of Hastings
    3. William of Normandy's groom cleaning the royal stable
    4. The Field of the Cloth of Gold
    5. Martin Luther nailing the 95 Theses to the church door
    6. Screw the Middle Ages - you go to 1986 and scarf up Microsoft stock at $21 a share when it first goes public!
  6. When entering Troubadour Laureate, you sing of:
    1. Venus and Adonis
    2. The adventures of Bartholomew the Butcher
    3. The virtues and heroic deeds of the judges
    4. Beowulf, completely documented period literature
    5. The metaphysical role of humanity
    6. How Jar-Jar Binks ruined Star Wars Episode I.
  7. What the heck? You hope to one day join the guild of:
    1. Morris Dancers
    2. Assassins
    3. Rat Catchers
    4. Book Worms
    5. Alms Seekers
    6. Teamsters Local 3704
  8. You are designing your next garb ensemble. It is:
    1. Velvet, brocade and ostentatious
    2. White to show bloodstains and sleeveless to show bruises
    3. Whatever everyone else is planning to wear
    4. Something straight from Janet Arnold   she made patterns from actual garments from period!
    5. Plain, cheap, preferably made of burlap. Clothes are superficial.
    6. A T-tunic and Tommy Hilfiger jeans
  9. Your dream event is:
    1. A court of love
    2. Pellwork, followed by a melee that really separates the knights from the squires
    3. In honor of your Peer, Ralph the Ruthless
    4. A chance to make your own fabric, starting with sheep shearing
    5. A panel discussion of Aquinas' Summa Theologica, followed by a performance of Everyman
    6. A 70s Disco party, followed by a showing of Saturday Night Fever

Now count up the number of A's you have, how many B's, and so forth. Check under the letter you chose most often for a glimpse into your Medieval psyche.

  1. You are the eternal romantic and are into daydreaming, handkissing, and cloven fruit. Romance is in period, just remember that not everyone may enjoy your free backrubs.
  2. You joined the SCA to fight, and heaven help anyone who gets in your way (it won't be us). To avoid strange looks, tell your mundane co-workers that you're into martial arts and leave it at that.
  3. You most enjoy the SCA's award system, but have misinterpreted how to proceed. Try channeling your energy into heraldry.
  4. You aren't exactly an authenticity Nazi, but secretly enjoy the reputation. Fortunately, the new Masterworks competition at Art-Sci will keep you occupied.
  5. You are intellectual and philosophical, questioning your own, and everyone else's, right to exist. Lighten up!
  6. You are about as Medieval as a bag of Cheese Doodles. Consider joining Mensa or the Civil War re-enactors.
Celtic Orgy!

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