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Drusilla (file photo) Trident the Talewinds Mascot (file photo)

An Apology

The Quarter would like to apologize for an unfortunate incident that took place at Coronation. Drusilla, our mascot (shown above in a close up, left) made an appearance as part of an "assigned community service project" at a "Give Smalls the World" party sponsored by House Hug-a-Tree. Also at this children's fête was Trident, the mascot of our friendly rival publication Talewinds, seen here in happier times. Apparently, words were exchanged regarding the quality of the respective newsletters, and the two got into a bit of a fracas. The kids were a little traumatized as Drusilla proceeded to kick Trident's butt. Again, we here at The Quarter are sorry if anyone was offended by that display of violence, and we promise to get Drusilla enrolled in anger management classes. We do not condone violence — unless, of course, it's on the lyst field.

(P.S. — Way to go, Dru!)

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