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From The Quarter Staff


We at The Quarter are concerned that some gentles are actually betting on the outcome of Crown Lyst. Remember, gambling is illegal in this fair land, except for the Lottery, the Seminole Indian Casino, certain ships that sail out far enough, and those Bingo parlors your grandmother is crazy about. We do not encourage this sort of deviant behavior.

BUT IF WE DID... We would suggest that you place your wager with Lord Conradin. A squire and a young man of extreme integrity, Conradin will put up odds on just about anything, from when Court will actually start, to what day you'll get your copy of Talewinds. Since gambling is wrong, terribly wrong, you probably won't want to find him. Nope, no need to wager your hard-earned money, no need to look for the German fellow with the little glasses and the funny tiny little beard like a divot on his chin. Thank goodness our readers are only barely swayed by the temptation. Yep, just good, CLEAN fun for you, like reading The Quarter. Oh, and coming soon, look for Lord Conradin's OTB tent, right in the midst of the camping area. No need to even venture out to the lyst field to place your wagers.

So, to recap, wagering is wrong, but Lord Conradin is a great guy.

Don't let this happen to YOU!

The Quarter - Beware the Penguins!