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From The Quarter Staff

The pen is mightier than the arrow?

Recently, a staff member was asked what The Quarter is all about. "What the heck is this?" asked an innocent bystander as he stumbled onto a copy of our fine publication in the feast hall. The Quarter is an independent newsletter, unfettered by the chains of reason and normalcy. It comes to you free of charge; the recycled, tar-based ink used in its production only rarely causes cancer in laboratory animals. The paper is made from recycled toothpicks, and we have had very few reports of readers getting splinters stuck in their fingers (careful page turning can prevent this sort of injury). The artwork within these pages was drawn by freedom-loving refugees from Atlantia who work for next to nothing. Our writers work not for their glory, but for the chance to give you, the average SCAdian on the street, something to do while waiting for Court to begin.

- Lady Kathryne d'Inkepenne, editor

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