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Lord Nebbish's Heraldic Corner

Hey, kids! Test your heraldic knowledge by matching these common heraldic charges with their names!

1. Fleam4. Teazel
2. Habick5. Preen
3. Limbeck6. Grose
Common Heraldic Charges

Now turn your monitor upside down, check your responses against the answer key at the bottom of the page, and discover your Heraldic Aptitude on this chart:

6 right:What a herald! You may be dateless for the rest of your life, but at least you'll probably get a Pelican!
5 right:You cheated! It's physically impossible to get this score!
4 right:Astounding! Do you sleep in your heraldic tabard?
3 right:Pretty good! You're either a studious herald, or very knowledgeable about medieval workmen's tools.
2 right:Not a bad start, but perhaps learning the tinctures is more your speed.
1 right:Lucky guess, wasn't it?
0 right:Congratulations, you're a normal human being!

The pictures (and names) of these heraldic charges were taken from "A Glossary of Terms Used in Heraldry" by James Parker (1894).

1:F, 2:D, 3:C, 4:A, 5:B, 6:E

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