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In the Middle Ages, people used the words "cart", "children" and "cook" instead of "dragon", "smalls" and "feastocrat"! TRUE FACT!

And with that, Hector made his feelings clear.

In Spain, affairs of honor (duels) were permitted only between persons of equal rank! TRUE FACT!

The famous Danish astronomer, Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) wore a false nose made of silver, because his real nose had been sliced off in a duel. Yet even that is not as astonishing as the TRUE FACT that he died of good manners! On the night of October 13, 1601, while dining at the home of Peter Vok Ursinus, the Baron of Rosenberg, Brahe drank too much and felt an extreme urgency - but as it would have been impolite to leave the table before the Baron, he remained in his seat as the pressure mounted. When dinner was over, he found he was no longer able to urinate at all - a condition which led to his death ten days later! TRUE FACT!

In Medieval times, Barons were Peers - but Knights were not! TRUE FACT!

"Populace" is a collective noun which means the citizens or subjects of an area. "Populous" is an adjective which means "densely inhabited". Yet most SCA officers, as soon as they have to write an article for a kingdom or local newsletter, lose the ability to tell the difference between the two words! TRUE FACT!

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