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Whether you're in a big barony, small shire or rural canton, there's plenty of demand for qualified heralds. No Previous Experience Is Necessary! As amazing as it sounds, you don't need to be a heraldry expert to cash in on the opportunities in the field of heraldry. You just have to pass a test! With the "secret " Center for Heraldry Method, there are three easy steps to being a herald:

  1. Knowing how to scream "Oyez!"
  2. Knowing what type of name and device is acceptable each month.
  3. Knowing how to shuffle paperwork around.

Learn The Skills You Need ...Quickly and Easily! You can get the heraldry skills you need without having to interrupt your SCA life. You can set your own schedule... learn at your own pace... you don't even have to go to events and volunteer long hours at Heralds' Point!

The Center for Heraldry Home Correspondence Course Method of Training starts with the basics to make sure you understand what you need to know. Our "learn-by-doing" method of instruction takes you step-by-step through your heraldry training. Your materials are full of simple, easy-to-follow language (forget about having to learn Norman French!) with lots of details and illustrations to make your learning a breeze. We even teach you how to submit your own name and device!

Upon passing the Heralds' Exam, you'll enjoy the limelight in Court as you are on the receiving end of a ceremony with all the trappings of an elevation to peerage!

The Center for Heraldry Home Correspondence Course, in business since A.S. xx, has consistently maintained a reputation for quality and integrity that is recognized today around the Known World. To get your free information kit, "Herald - A New SCA Career... A Bright New Future" just write to Box 925, Eastrealm, SCA. We will rush your free information kit to you by First Class Postal Dispatch. Your Kit is free for the asking and there's absolutely no obligation. So what are you waiting for, do it today!

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