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From the Quarter Staff

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Could it be - gasp! - we have become accepted as a legitimate conduit of information for the Kingdom of Trimaris? How could this be?! When Countess Maisie asked The Quarter to run an ad for an upcoming free event, we thought she was pulling our collective leg. Come on, this is the kingdom that charges $10 for a lousy day trip, who would believe they would offer a free event for the downtrodden populace? Sources say it's true though, so mark your social calendars. (We figure you will have to pay to LEAVE the event!)

In a further bid for legitimacy, we here at The Quarter briefly considered entering our publication in the SCA's prestigious Blackfox competition for newsletters. We decided against it, because we didn't want the BoD on our backs. Those guys have no sense of humor at all. Besides, scrutiny from them could throw a real wet blanket on our efforts to entertain - after all, look at what they did to the combat archers!

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